Saturday, November 10, 2007

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99 Problems


This is what I like to call my dinner mixed tape

Blonde on Blonde


Get Real Paid


I went shopping three days ago to buy ingredients to make chili and in the process bought a few other ingredients I thought I could make a quick meal with before I treat myself to chili on Thursday. So aftere trying to recal memories of my mothers cooking and a brief instructional conversation with Neela I made a very simple potato curry. There are two different versions of the curry shown in the picture, the major difference being the pans used and as a result the time course of the heat on the food. The stainless steel pan version on the right didn't burn the onions and garlic as much as the non-stick pan version on the left did. Would the onions have burned if I'd used less and added the potatoes sooner; or is it mostly a matter of tempering the flame and having better control of the heat? Of course it's a bit of both. The thought process behind the creation of the flavor profile was brief but it tasted good enough to put off the study of seasoning for another day