Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it's summertime - and the livin is easy

In the domain of life, insects exemplify the miracle of DNA and its' combinatorial permutations. With the exception of single-cellular organisms, insects can be said to be the masters of this planet. This all comes as unfortunate news to me because I hate insects. They have been nothing but a pain in my ass and other anatomical outposts since I was old enough to be aware that they were in fact not tooth fairies (another reason why I still dislike them).

Because I claim broad ignorance on the effects of insect territories by human developmental expansion I'm going to name drop my buddy Peter Buckland of the National Center for Atmospheric Research who issued a report recently on the effects of global warming and its' potential impact on the near future in the United States. Very long story short, he says even if we were to completely halt our production of oil-based carbon output, we would still see the escalating effects of global warming over the next 50 years from currently trapped heat in the atmosphere and Oceans. One of the many visible consequences of this would be insect outbreaks outside forested areas due to a mitigation of naturally colder temperatures, the annual insect veto if you will. Let me remind you, this will still happen if we significantly curtail C02 emissions. This really concerns me as someone who already feels that their personal space in the past year has been breached by nearly every member of every species of insect living near and not so near to me.

With all the hullabaloo kicked up by celebrity types from Brad Pitt to Laurie David, you would think the NASCAR dads and science fair moms would have been mobilized to pressure their representatives to act swiftly. Alas, taking the historical precedent of nationwide apathy towards Maragaret Fuller's campaign to reduce R.E. Emerson's methane emissions we all should have known better. Compounding the problems with legislative haste, the leaders at the G-8 summit today announced to reduce C02 emissions in half by 2050 at the earliest. By that time I'll already have to claim 5 different species of insect dependents on my New World Order tax form.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Late Greats

I am trying to get back into blogging as a mental exercise. I realized that limiting my content to food limits my range as a writer to poorly emulating the incomparable Frank Bruni. With the freedom to discuss anything I can start work on emulating the categorically comparable Bill Bryson. That guy really talked about everything. Unfortunately, with the universe open for mining I'm having difficulty grabbing a purchase on anything interesting right now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My internet at home is on the fritz so please bear with me until then. For the few people who do read this, thank you for checking back and I promise i'll a) start cooking more b)clean up my kitchen c) start posting to this more.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The incredible edible egg


Ajay was here this past weekend (which means its okay to come visit sometime!!) and I was able to succesfully open the big daddy jug of olive oil a teacher sold me. A good weekend.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008



I almost wasn't going to document this army ration meal until i remembered the little boy from born into brothels who when showing his gripping snapshots of slumlife in India says: "it's not beautiful, but you have to look at it because it is truth."



Who knew I was like Eric Ripert

Monday, March 24, 2008

you're blues aint like my blues


Like the pictures themselves, the meal was off the mark by an inch. The culprit being perhaps an undersalting and the unvailability of mutant year round ginger.